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      Northumberland Heath Carpet Cleaning Service has been one of the best cleaning services and I have used them many times. I own two blockhouses and their cleaners handle all of my cleaning needs. They always do a terrific job, very detailed. The places look fantastic when they are done.
Cheryl Y.21/05/2020
     Superb services and great team to work with. No doubt they are the best.
     NorthumberlandHeathCarpetCleaner provides a fantastic end of tenancy cleaning service. I was worried about getting my deposit returned, but I had nothing to worry about after hiring NorthumberlandHeathCarpetCleaner. They know exactly what areas of my apartment needed special attention. They were able to remove dust and grime from hard to reach places. They came on quick notice and finished the job in no time. I would recommend them to anybody who is worried about getting their deposit returned. They can guarantee it! Great job team!
Maricelli O.18/02/2014

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